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The home of beautiful Scandinavian  and Boho Glamour!

Our authentic Nordic KataTipis are absolutely breathtaking and have been described as being

“Beautiful, Amazing, Magical and Stunning”…..

In fact when you first sight our Tipis, even from a distance you will agree with the above descriptions, as you get much closer though most people start to describe a sense or a feeling of their presence.  But it is only when you enter them that their true size and beauty will literally take your breath away and you are immediately transported  to another world.

Stratus 72 x2 fully dressed with fairy lights
Stratus 72 (paired together) and looking gorgeous, all dressed up in her best party frock….

These amazing marquees, and how they make you, and your guests feel as you enter them will immediately hall mark your wedding or event to be something extremely beautiful, totally surprising, special and unique. Your guests just immediately sense they are are going to experience a truly fantastic wedding or event that day.

And hey, in all honesty when celebrating “that” amazing day……  Who doesnt want to deliver the killer WOW factor to their celebration – In our vocabulary, TIPI LOVE literally means WOW!

Your hosts Beth, Dave & the Tipi Love team can assist in all areas of your wedding or event planning and organisation, from simple packages of Tipi Hire to fully styled Scandinavian Glamour or Boho Inspired masterpiece events.

One thing we can guarantee you is that your event will be like no other….


We would love to discuss with you further how we can deliver an eye popping outcome for your special occasion.

*At TIPI LOVE we are so very proud Australia, that 2018 was the year that LOVE WON……