Designed Originally for Offering Shelter from Arctic Circle Weather Conditions

Now with a  distinctly Modern Heart & A Soul of “Boho Chic and Unspoken Cool”

Based on a traditional  (thousand year old)  Indigenous Scandinavian design, our Tipi Love Tipis (or Teepees) are truly a thing Architectural Beauty when you first  lay eyes on them in the flesh, they are an almost perfect design mix of ……

“Uber Function meets Cool Rustic Sensibility”. 

On your day…..Apart from YOU and THAT dress, the element of Tipi Love supplying the Scandinavian & Rustic Chic, will be the next biggest style decision that you can make for your wedding day that will….. quite literally blow people away.


Time to be serious for a second…… every event needs their bases covered. I mean no one wants bad weather, but to be honest sometimes “IT” just happens.

If the weather looks like it might be less than perfect for the day of your event,  you can have the peace of mind with Tipi Love that your event and your special day will be covered come what ever nature throws at you?


Summer / Mid Seasons…. When the event and the weather starts “cranking up the heat”

Keep your cool, we’ve got you covered with the combination of a 7.5 mtr high ceiling and by also having all the sides up (it looks like a giant witch’s hat). This takes advantage  of, and promotes full cross flow ventilation of breezes, taming the heat of the day and helping to keep everyone and the bride composed.

Mid Season / Breezy Day…. Give the quick one two ….

To any cool breeze or stronger winds by lowering one side of the Tipi (Teepee). By doing so the aerodynamic shape will keep your celebration and yourself celebrating through the afternoon and well into the night. There’s a very good reason they use these very cleverly designed tents in the Artic areas of Scandinavia.

Full Winter…. A lot of people baulk at a winter wedding or event…..

THINK AGAIN…. Imagine how snug the atmosphere is inside the Tipi with the sides down,  a beautiful glow emanates from the golden fairy lights on the canvas, close your eyes and you can just see it. While you’re in that space, now add the luxury of a softly crackling fireplace which can be included, there is music,  there is dancing and there’s some loved ones maybe toasting marshmallows in the fire. WOW now that beats just any vanilla  old school white rectangular marquee wedding doesn’t it?